How to Use the Dapp?

Let's what are Main Function of the Miner

1. Approve Busd

The Button Approve Busd Need is the first you need to press in order to interact with the contract, with BNBiscuits Miner this button is not necessary but with a BEP20 Token Like BUSD is needed.

2.Drive BUS

The button Drive BUS it's for start playing with BUSDRIVER, you will receive some BUS, the Bus cannot be sold or transfer but they drive non stop for you 24/24 giving 5% Daily Up to 25%

3. Get Fuel

Get Fuel is the command for compound your Rewards +1% more of your Everytime you Get Fuel

4. Take Stops

There's a 90% Tax if you click Take Stops Before 9 times Compound


It's to ensure the stability and growth of the contract,

Once you have done 9 times compound you can enjoy withdrawings your rewards!

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